Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rise and Shine!

   Its been a long time since a post so here is a quick color comp. My lack of organization is the main culprit for the lack of posts, but in related news, I decided to go back to the Animation Academy for a character design class and will, hopefully, post more soon!

(PS.) I found these totally awesome links that you should check out, ASAP!!

This is a really helpful painting tutorial by none other than Bobby Chiu

Here is the link : Creature concept in Photoshop

I had never heard of this character designer before but he is really talented and if you want great examples of model sheets then here it is.....

This blog has a lot (literally page after page) of model sheets/expression sheets from Secret of the Kells, Arthur Christmas, and a couple of others...The best of all are the expression can't help but smile when you see the characters come to life on the page!