Tuesday, June 5, 2012

grayscale montage!

I've been slacking on posting but here's an experiment I did awhile ago. 

sketchbook pro
For this piece I decided to use sketchbook pro entirely. I've recently found painting in Photoshop tedious and, for me at least, it usually takes the fun out of coloring. I think part of the problem stems from not knowing how to paint traditionally, other than some experience in watercolors. I figured if I would use sketchbook pro, which is a simpler program, I would be forced to change my approach.

I was able to paint these pretty quickly, which is what surprised me most, due to how simple creating custom brushes is. The only minor problem I encountered was when I saved the file in photoshop and then saved it again in sketchbook pro. (I only used photoshop to merge layers because sketckbook pro isn't very good when it comes to layer management, in my opinion) In the final image, if you look closely, you can see small ripples of paint all over and that happened after transferring the file back to sketchbook pro.

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