Thursday, March 1, 2012

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I decided to post some info/tips that I've been using a lot of in my attempt to organize my portfolio. I'm moving at a snail's pace but its getting done. One of the biggest problems I'm having is trying to pose my characters. I spent so much time drawing character heads that I neglected trying to draw poses and its a pain. All of my problem areas are coming out and I can't draw around them....hands, feet, posing, basically drawing from the head down. However, I have found some useful websites and info to help me get out of this rut.

This website has a lot of model sheets from cartoons like The Flintstones, Powerpuff Girls, Frankenstein Jr., etc. It also has an extremely helpful notes section featuring tips from greats like Glen Keane, Brad Bird, Ollie Johnston, etc.

For me personally, looking at the model sheets really helped to think about posing and bringing life to my characters.

I found these last semester and they really helped me out in my composition class. Good info on thumbnails, perspective, layout, etc. John Nevarez posted these same notes on his blog but here they are all in one spot.

This website has tons of free eBooks on painting and drawing, however you do have to sign up for the site and enter your e-mail address and all. You might be kinda skeptical about entering your e-mail address but I did and the only e-mails I get from them are about showcasing artists, giving drawing or painting tips on different mediums, or offers on magazine subscriptions their site offers. If you still feel uneasy about it, you can just create a dummy gmail or yahoo email address just to download their books. 

Nevertheless, I've been using these resources to help me out and if you're having similar problems then I highly suggest you take a look.

**Here is an ebook I just got on Artist Daily....I haven't gone through it all yet but its on creating movement in your drawing by using gesture.

click here for e-book

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