Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've got title block... :-/

I just came to a realization literally a couple of minutes ago so I felt the need to post about it. For the past couple of weeks I've been forcing myself to sketch I haven't touched photoshop other than to color. I did this because I felt that my work was becoming all digital (all the work I did last semester was digital, even my sketches) and when I tried to sketch traditionally once the semester was over, it was like I had to relearn how to do it and it was mostly all bad. However,since sketching traditionally, I felt that I've already learned what I lost and some new things too. Tonight, while working on an illustration, I got stumped and couldn't get the right look for the main figure no matter how hard I tried. On a fluke, I used sketchbook pro and got the figures' face in one try and I realized that I physically draw differently while using my tablet.... I realize that this is probably very obvious to others but I wasn't thinking about it. I think what helped me was taking such a long break from using my tablet. From now on, I going to try embrace these two ways of doing things and hopefully my work will benefit.! :)

Now that I'm done talking.... I figured I might as well show you the sketch, as well as the traditional ones.


  1. I found this post interesting b/c I have not been able to embrace sketching on a tablet. I have learned to draw for the editing that I am going to do digitally...then scan and edit - creating two separate worlds that I can't seem to marry. Your line work is beautiful either way...thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comment....When I started out using my tablet, my first software was sketchbook pro because it was cheap and I didn't have to fiddle around with too many settings to get an effect that was similar to a ball point pen. It wasn't until about almost a year later that I moved over to Photoshop. For all of my current digital work, my line work is still typically done in sketchbook pro. I know it may be hard trying to embrace the tablet at first and I remember telling myself that it would only be for tracing over my traditional drawings but I eventually came to like it the more I used it.

    I think your illustrations are great and that whatever you choose to do, your skills will naturally adjust!! :)